Gay Pride

LGBT pride or gay pride is the concept that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people should be proud of their sexual orientation and gender identity. The movement has three main premises: that people should be proud of their sexual orientation and gender identity, that diversity is a gift, and that sexual orientation and gender identity are inherent and cannot be intentionally altered. The use of the abbreviated gay pride and pride have since become mainstream and shorthand expressions inclusive of all individuals in various LGBT communities.

The word pride is used in this case as an antonym for shame, which has been used to control and oppress LGBT persons throughout history. Pride in this sense is an affirmation of ones self and the community as a whole. The modern “pride” movement began after the “Stonewall riots” in 1969. Instead of backing down to unconstitutional raids by New York Police, gay people in local bars fought back. While it was a violent situation, it also gave the underground community the first sense of communal pride in a very well publicized incident. Many of us believe that the yearly parade that commemorated the anniversary of the Stonewall riots began a national grassroots movement. Today many countries around the world celebrate LGBT pride. The pride movement has furthered the cause of gay rights by lobbying politicians, registering voters and increasing visibility to educate on issues important to LGBT communities. LGBT pride advocates work for equal “rights and benefits” for LGBT people.

Many movies have been made related to the Stonewall riots and LGBT people in general, and unknown to many are the numerous movie posters made back in those days. Many from our community have even served, however hidden from view, in the military, and I know of a lot of folks who would love to buy or sell antique movie posters of (and here you could put in any number of great titles for the movie such as “LGBT At The Front”, “There is No Glory in Dying”, “Deserter or Man of Conscience?”, “Opponents of War: the Voice of Conscience”, or my favorite, “One Man Has Stopped Killing.” If a movie is released that examines the lives of LGBT people, those movie posters will be kept and cherished for years. And who knows, perhaps in 50 or 60 years, they will end up in collections of vintage movie posters of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

We see a similar movement occurring with the growing acceptance of marijuana, and in particular the use of medical marijuana on the state level. As a result the market for marijuana edibles is exploding, particularly in those states that have legalized cannabis for medical and / or recreational use. Those of the LGBT folks living in Colorado find that our state has become the poster child for the legalization of cannabis for recreational use. Colorado is also the bell weather state in regards to marijuana edibles.
It will be interesting to see how Washington and other US states approach regulating Medical Marijuana Infused Products Manufacturing Licenses (MIPs). We advise those who are consuming marijuana edibles to be vigilant if young children are around. Already there are reported medical emergencies where children have accidentally ingest some kinds of marijuana edibles in the form of sweets, cookies, cakes, or candies and ended up in the hospital.

We advocate that getting gift baskets delivered to friends and family are a great way to celebrate yourself, your sexuality and your life with those you love. The types of gift baskets you can easily purchase online may be overwhelming, but you certainly won’t lack for variety from over-the-top gourmet gift baskets, to opulent wine or champagne gift baskets, to Spa gift baskets to fruit gift baskets. You can even request personalized gifts to be added to luxurious gift baskets. You could request that the symbols of LGBT pride which include the LGBT rainbow flag, butterfly, the Greek lambda symbol, and the pink as well as black triangles reclaimed from their past us[7], be engraved on glasses, wine tool sets, wine decanters, wine racks, wine stopper,picture frames, crystal keepsake heart, and even chopsticks! With the sophisticated gift baskets that are available celebrating gay pride with friends far away is easy.

Pride parades for the LGBT community (also known as gay pride parades, pride events and pride festivals) are events celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) culture. The events also at times serve as demonstrations for legal rights such as same-sex marriage. Most pride events occur annually and many take place around June to commemorate the Stonewall riots, a pivotal moment in the modern LGBT rights movement.

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