Pride vs. Vanity

In this case, it is not difficult to know that vanity cannot have any positive connotation. Of course, it is very close in the meaning, but both states of mind are separated by a very specific difference that makes vanity unbearable.

If we go back to the definition of pride, it can have both positive and negative connotation. Religion sees pride as a sin, because it is considered as being the sin that converted a cherub of God into Satan (or Lucifer). It is also one of the very first sin represented in the Genesis, while describing Eve eating the forbidden fruit. When an emotion, pride is not necessarily very positive either. According to Augustine, pride is the love of one’s own excellence. And the very common trait that pride shows is the presence of negative thoughts about other people, and it also generates destructive comments about them.

Whereas, pride, with a philosopher point of view, is very positive. For instance, according to Nietzsche, without pride, people will remain subservient. This sounds very true. Being humble is a wonderful quality, but thinking that we cannot do better in our life, and being satisfied with what we have doesn’t take you anywhere further. In this case, pride is becoming a quality, as long as not associated with hate towards other people. When you think about yourself with pride, it gives you more power and it enhances your greatness. Another example is when someone becomes engaged. The engagement ring is often exhibited as a source of happiness and pride by the woman wearing it. I remember when my then girlfriend and I went online to choose look at friendship cubic zirconia rings. She was skittish about calling the ring an engagement ring, so instead we referred to it as a “friendship” ring. She said a real engagement ring must be a true diamond, but now-a-days if cost is an issue, a cubic zirconia ring is the perfect alternative. After all, you get the look of a genuine diamond ring without spending a fortune. The combination of pure silver and cubic zirconia of her ring was crafted intricately with fine details and the e commerce site it was made to last for a long time. Let me say, she wore that “friendship” / engagement ring with great pride, soaking in all the compliments from family and friends. She soon dropped the friendship description and started to talk about her beautiful engagement ring. I don’t believe there was any vanity involved with her “showing off” her zirconia ring. FYI: We later went back to the same website where we bought zirconis wedding bands to match her cubic zirconia “friendship” ring.

Vanity is definitely associated to a negative state of mind. If you want to be successful at anything you need to attempt to always win. It’s a gamble, but you need confidence if you want to win playing an online casino. The main trait of a vain is the desire of fame or the desire to be a leader. Excessive pride or admiration of one’s own appearance or achievements is recognizable by the dress code or by a distinguishable body language. Vanity can be recognized when somebody says or shows that the quality of life is important, or when his own world is more important than anybody else’s world, or when somebody shows a very big self-importance.

Although not listed above -Honesty on the other hand is a truly powerful and wonderful quality. How someone is honest will show if they are prideful or vain. You can sometimes see this in how someone picks out gifts for others especially when you’re at a personalized gift store. Do they take their own desires or judgments into consideration when purchasing something for another? Or are they considered about how they will be judged by the gift they give?

– Movies with Vanity –
1997 Kiss of Death

1993 South Beach
Jennifer Derringer

1993 Da Vinci’s War

1993 Counterstrike (TV Series)
– Muerte (1993) … Sandra

1992 Highlander (TV Series)
Rebecca Lord
– Revenge Is Sweet (1992) … Rebecca Lord

1992 Lady Boss (TV Movie)
Mary Lou Morley

1992 Silk Stalkings (TV Series)
– Powder Burn (1992) … Chantel

1991 Neon City

1991 Sweating Bullets (TV Series)
– Mafia Mistress (1991) … Maria

1991 Tales from the Crypt (TV Series)
– Dead Wait (1991) … Kathrine

1990 Memories of Murder (TV Movie)

1989 Booker (TV Series)
Tina Maxwell
– Wheels and Deals – Part 1 (1989) … Tina Maxwell

1989 Friday’s Curse (TV Series)
– The Secret Agenda of Mesmer’s Bauble (1989) … Angelica

1988 Action Jackson
Sydney Ash

1987 Deadly Illusion

1987 The New Mike Hammer (TV Series)
– Green Lipstick (1987) … Holly

1987 Miami Vice (TV Series)
Ali Ferrand
– By Hooker by Crook (1987) … Ali Ferrand

1986 52 Pick-Up

1986 Never Too Young to Die
Danja Deering

1985 The Last Dragon
Laura Charles

1980 Tanya’s Island
Tanya (as D.D. Winters)

1980 Terror Train
Merry (as D.D. Winters)

1980 Klondike Fever (uncredited)

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